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The Benefits of Bespoke Website Design

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The Benefits of Bespoke Website Design

Having a unique and bespoke website can help boost brand awareness, which helps your business to stand out from the crowd and increase recognition of your marketing. Even small design choices such as brand colours and fonts can affect this! Therefore, the more unique, the better.

If you’re looking into getting a website, you need consider the type of design you may want. To do this you will first need to consider the type of industry or business you are wanting to advertise, and then if you’re stuck – we can help with the rest!

Below is a brief overlook of the main types of websites we have designed here at Visual Digital and explaining the differences between them.

Single Page Website

 If you are a relatively new small business, with the main intention to use a website for marketing and promotion services, a single page website may be the most effective and cost-efficient site for you.

The single page design allows all your business’ information to be held on one page. This singular page can be however long you would like but keeping it shorter makes it easier for the viewer to navigate and read – without feeling overwhelmed.

The advantages of having a singular paged website as a new business:

  • Opportunity to add more pages as your business expands
  • Gets your business and branding onto the internet ASAP – this is important if you want your business to grow fast.
  • Let’s you chose what the viewer sees first. A single page website gives you the choice to showcase your brand the way you want to, whether that’s a linear journey or narrative like a story.
Single Page Website
Brochure style Website

Brochure Style Website

Brochure Style Websites are ideal for companies with a fair amount of content which can be easily categorised into different pages. Perhaps you may have too much content regarding your business for a one-page site, and you want it to be easy to navigate for you viewers. Brochure style websites certainly keep everything looking more organised than a one-page site, however if you haven’t got a lot of content – then this can be a waste of space throughout the other pages and costing you money that you don’t need to be spending.  

For a standard brochure style site, we would generally name the different pages as such; Home, About Us, Services, Bookings and Contact Us. However, these categories will be dependent on how your business runs. This will all be discussed throughout your consultation, but ultimately the end decision for how your site will look, is always up to you.

Benefits of a brochure website:

  • Organised pages to categorise different aspects of your business
  • Easy for viewers to navigate


Does your business offer products or services to sell? Then eCommerce could be the perfect website type for you.

Here at Visual Digital, we use an eCommerce plugin called WooCommerce. This allows us to efficiently upload your products to your website, whilst keeping the same design as the rest of the site. Customers can add the products to a basket and then check out, sending the money straight to you.  

Some of the benefits of an eCommerce website:

  • No opening time restrictions
  • Business can be operated remotely
  • Less time invasive
  • Present your products in a professional manner
  • Metrics and analysis of your customer segment
eCommerce Website