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Why You Need Professional Video For Marketing

Why You Need Professional Video For Marketing

Why you need professional video for marketing

A friend of mine reached out to me recently looking for help with creating videos for his business. He told me he wanted to go “all in” on video marketing and had already been putting out videos to LinkedIn on a regular basis. That was until his business advisor contacted him and advised him to take them down urgently. Why did he do this? Because the advisor argued that these videos were actually doing more harm than good to the company’s image.

Like any form of content, the quality of your video affects the way that your audience views your brand. If it doesn’t look professional, neither do you.

Contrary to what you might expect from a video producer, I’m actually all for the DIY method of video production, when used in the right context. After all it’s never been easier to create a video. The technology is becoming more affordable; you can shoot on a smartphone, edit with free online software or apps, and publish on YouTube. We’re not just restricted to the cinema and television anymore, we can all have our own channel and a global audience. You don’t even need to go to film school – you can learn the basics of filmmaking for free online.

Sometimes though you just can’t do it alone. Something I’ve learned during ten years in the industry is that at its best, video production is a collaborative process. It’s far more time-consuming to plan, shoot, edit and distribute video content than many people realise. It’s not just about having the tools, it takes a team with experience, dedicated time and an understanding of industry standards to make videos that stand out.

Now that anyone can be a “filmmaker,” it’s even harder to capture and hold audience attention. The best video producers don’t just understand the technical aspects of production, they understand the theory and the art of visual storytelling, and they know how to deliver your message with impact.

It’s understandable that many smaller businesses and individuals want to create their own content to reduce costs. However, I’ve seen so many people throw away time and money on DIY videos, only to have to reach out to an expert to rescue the project later at an even greater expense. It can end up costing you more in the long run if you try to do everything yourself.

My friend still makes his own Vlog-style content for LinkedIn. He solved the problem of video quality by seeking advice from professionals and learning more about how to make better content. He has a clear video strategy in place and knows what he can do himself, while using trusted video production companies for the bigger, more challenging projects that need to impress his clients.

Online video is huge and it’s not going away any time soon. According to Forbes, 59% of business owners prefer watching video over reading an article online. The “digital native” generation has grown up with this technology and is also going to expect more video in their interactions with you. We should all be utilising video in our marketing – but establish partnerships with trusted, competent experts to develop a video strategy and you’ll produce far more engaging and cost-effective content.

If you need help or advice in how to get started with online video marketing, please get in touch.