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Why Your Website Needs SSL

Why Your Website Needs SSL

Why Your Website Needs SSL

Did you know that a large part of the internet is not secure? If your website collects any information (newsletter signup, contact form, donation pages, login, etc.), then now’s the time to get an SSL. As of October 2017, Google Chrome has been flagging websites with any text input fields as NOT SECURE unless they have an active SSL certificate and use https://. This only one of the reasons why your website needs SSL. Here we talk you through 5 reasons why an SSL certificate on your website is now crucial.

Something that was thought of as necessary for only banking and government websites, an SSL (often depicted by a green padlock and/or https:// in the browser) is “an internet communication protocol that protects the integrity and confidentiality of data between the user’s computer and the site” (Google Search Console Help). Put very simply, it means that data sent between you and the website are encrypted so that third parties cannot read it.

Why your website needs SSL

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs SSL

1. Google flags up any website displaying a form field with the notice “NOT SECURE” if a website visitor clicks on the notice they will also see a popup telling them more information about why the website is not secure. This will discourage website visitors from filling out a form or checking out on an eCommerce website.

2. Search engine results now take SSL encryption into account as a ranking factor. So not having an SSL certificate on your website will limit your search engine page results.

3. Information sent over a nonsecure connection can be snooped on and recorded by hackers… not good for website visitors!

4. Adding an SSL is a huge factor in increasing conversions for online sales and transactions. In fact, according to a GlobalSign report, 84% would abandon a purchase if they knew the data was going to be sent over an insecure connection.

5. Getting your website Secured by SSL is not as painful as some website owners think. There are a few technical factors to take into consideration like the level of certificate validation and URL redirects from http to https but Visual Digital can manage all of that.